Stay tuned for information on people living with Alzheimer’s and family caregivers who are sharing their stories.

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CT Poet Laureate – Robert Rennie McQuilkin

“I write to be more in touch with the people, places, and things around me. Writing allows me to be more alert, more humane, more involved in the great adventure of life.”


 Poet – Rich Gruber

“I write poetry to build a community of love, and to try to express the ineffable, by sharing what is in my heart.”   

Version 2

Poet – Jonathan Gillman

“I started writing about my father, in what turned out to be the last six months of his life, as he declined with Alzheimer’s and dementia. 
To begin with, I was just making observations–a dozen or more a day–trying to figure out what was going on: was the same person still inside, and we just couldn’t, or didn’t know how to, access or communicate with him; or had he fundamentally changed in some way so that he was no longer the person he had been.

The event that made all this come together is chronicled in the poem I will be reading, “My Father, Humming, II”. When he hummed along with me as I played his piano–very much the wrong way–not only did we make a deep, non-verbal connection we had never made before, but it clearly indicated that the same person was still there, inside, and was still capable of making art, no matter how declined he appeared to be.”


Singer/Songwriter – Michael Blanchard